Classic Cafes
Reportage Special: Greatest rock picture of all time... you decide

Hip young gunslinger of Brixton, Paul Simonon goes 'on the nosh'. The noted
bassmeister of the last gang in town nips into his local for a quick sundae and a
toasted sandwich. "Oi, Paul when they knock on the front door, how ya gonna go?..."
By this time, the town had well and truly been lost to the clash city rockers...etc etc.
Hawk eyed viewers will note Caroline Coon's guiding hand bottom left corner.

Two crazy art caballeros pull into the now deceased Maket Cafe in Fournier
Street, Spitalfields. Seen here indulging in a quick burst of their trademark
human sculpting, Gilbert & George were Market regulars and went so
far as to help the stricken caff out through fiscal hard times. They were
also known to work behind the counter. 'Underneath the arches, they'll
dream their dreams away..."



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