Classic Cafes
Reportage Special: Pictures from Cheryl A Aaron's 'Cafe' (Printers Inc Press 1985)


Allan's Cafe: East India Dock Road, Poplar 1985

Corner Cafe: Cable Street Shadwell 1985 (owner Lucia Cenci pictured centre right)


"Cafes are oases, crossroads, resting places... The East End of London is full of these cafe oases, and the East End is itself a oasis. It always was a refuge... people landed here near the docks and they settled. This was as far as they were going... They came to this East End to escape pogrom and poverty. They had no choice. All were able to start again... Each new wave helped create an amalgam of tolerance and their various dreams and struggles permeate these pavements, these walls... No-one needs to be a stranger in the streets and in the cafes of Tower Hamlets... There is no high pretentious talk. Ideas are confined to the commonplace, which is after all the noblest area of existence...These cafes, these interiors, these faces give you identity. Life is for real. It is all here, and that is enough. You have no ambition to be anywhere else. You know where you are."
'Cafe' Cheryl A Aaron, Printer's Inc Press, 1985 (from the introduction by Bernard Kops)


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