Classic Cafes: Regis, Leadenhall Place EC3

Enclaves of the '50s & 60s


Now 80 years old, and the only real classic cafe left in the City, the smart little Regis sits across from the Lloyd's building and the beautiful Leadenhall Market. Regis was sympathetically reworked in the 80s by legendary caff shopfitters the Lemiglianas. Features: exterior sign with period font on wood panel facade; 50s stools along a breakfast bar; chalet ceiling; good lights; old-style clock and a thumping great tea boiler. Expect unrelenting Italiano bonhomie from the chipper crew in charge - singalongs, punditry, general knockabout - and particularly attentive personal service if you happen to be a pretty City girl. Merciless landlords mean prices are way steep but Regis is well worth a gander. (Check Obertelli's round the corner too.)

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