Metropolitan W2 Special


Despite the brash green awnings and Vitrolite panelling under the window, the Metropolitan's frontage is unspectacular. Yet this is actually one of the most exquisite and wonderfully preserved caffs in London. Just down from where the old much-missed Regent Milk Bar used to be - on the dreary stretch of Edgware Road near the tube station - this longstanding local is easily missed among the chaos of crappy neighbouring shops. Persist at all costs! The Metropolitan is truly a goldmine; and certainly a Top Ten contender. Here's the inside dope: masses of seaside lime n' cream laminate; two-tone surgical pink walls; lots of original black deco mirrors; flesh coloured chequer-board flooring; a wonderfully mysterious back serving hatch; a clutch of brilliantly preserved seats, upholstered benches and tables; two old-time ceiling fans and a phenomenal moderne logo set above the stretch of beautiful counter. Much of the spirit of the lost Regent Milk Bar and Tea Rooms lives on here (as does a very similar set of regulars) and for that we should all give heartfelt thanks. Unmissable.


Metropolitan W2 Special #1
Metropolitan W2 Special #2
Metropolitan W2 Special #3
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