Ice Cream Parlour, Birchington


Pix: Fabio Lozzi

RIP Mar 2005:
"Sadly but predictably its RIP for the magnificent Ice Cream Parlour. Most of the original fittings have gone, though the splendid silver counter, with its unusual wooden decoration, survives at the moment. There's no indication of what the ICP is to become, though it looks as if food may still be served. Gone are the Lloyd Loom tables and the lovely bikinied blonde model enticing customers into the cafe. However, refurbishment has uncovered two wall paintings, perhaps from the original 1946 decor, which have been carefully unveiled, perhaps indicating that they will survive: a standard Mediterranean harbour scene and, more interestingly, another bikinied pinup girl posing seductively beneath a beach-umbrella on her own island. Impossible to take a photo through the whitewashed windows. A shame that such an interesting interior in this otherwise bleak little town has been destroyed." (Richard Gray)

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